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There aren’t many chiropractors in the world especially in the third world. Of course since 1990 , the number of chiropractors has increased but not much . One of the most important reasons ,why most students are not going in OB-GYN especially in third world are for one because of the lifestyle and work is hard as well as the education and secondly because no one wants to get involved in abortions especially the chiropractor because it is regarded as unpleasant and dangerous risk. A very special part is played by the human morality and psychology which gets shattered especially for the mother who wants to have both life and hope rather than death and despair of a regrettable comment , which is the back pain work. For a chiropractors in the old third world was a bit worse than today but there is not much of a difference. It’s hard work for them and a huge amount of mental strength is needed mostly because of the financial issues the required equipment isn’t affordable which puts Women on a risk especially at the time of an abortion. Also it’s not possible to correctly diagnose pregnant patients. Since 1990 over 308.00+ women died from pregnancy , childbirth-related complication or abortion. Women die as a result of complications during and following pregnancy and childbirth. Although the number of child-related deaths has dropped by 43%. Today with such an advanced biology and technology subtracting a life is not a big deal since doctors now have control over the flow of life or at least they sure believe so. But in the past it was much more harsh and back then even abortions were illegal especial in USA , Arabia and Africa. Keep in mind that before 2004 there were very few Gynecologists in third world although in comparison to the rest of the world india managed to make a huge exception , not only that the gynecologists there were respected and rich ; their equipment was pretty up-to-date. Since 2004 we see doctors among them gynecologist which volunteer to assist the third world.

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